Linea Aspera - synapse
Boy Harsher - pain
Zanias - follow the body
Kinder aus Asbest - system fail
Agent Side Grinder - giants fall
Sixth June - the night is coming
Phosphor - rotary
The Silicon Scientist - solitary dancer (2009 mix)
Alive She Died - the first night


Depeche Mode - in your room (live)
Lars Falk - kings and queens
Fad Gadget - life on the line

Sisters of Mercy - temple of love *W
Fields of the Nephilim - watchman *W
The Cure - lovesong *W
Siouxsie and the Banshees - israel
Lebanon Hanover - babes of the 80s
Empathy Test - losing touch *W
Machine de Beauvoir - nimmersatt

Kirilian Camera - blue room *W
John Foxx - underpass (Reeder's Sinister Subway Radio Remix)
Gary Numan - we are glass *W
The Exploding Boy - dark city
The 69 Eyes - dance d'amour *W
HIM - poison girl *W
Solemn Novena - kiss the girls *W
The Chameleons - a person isn't safe anywhere these days (Live in Bremen 1983) *W

Joy Division - a means to an end
Sex Gang Children - guy wonder
Alien Sex Fiend - ignore the machine
X-Mal Deutschland - geheimnis *W
Nichts - tango 2000 *W
Peter Murphy - cuts you up
Death in June - little black angel
Sol Invictus - angels fall
Dead can Dance - black sun

King Dude - lucifer's the light of the world
Project Pitchfork - lam-'bras *W
Apoptygma Berzerk - spiritual reality *W
Kirlian Camera - heldenplatz (Mission Walhalla Ix) *W
Diorama - advance
Absurd Minds - a man received the answer
Klangstabil - pay with friendship *W
And One - unter meiner Uniform *W
Evil's Toy - lucifers garden (Remix)
IAMX - the unified field *W
Project Pitchfork - souls (live) *W

Calva Y Nada - rascheln *W
Nine Inch Nails - closer *W
IAMX - i'am terrified *W
Deine Lakaien - over and done *W
Henke - weil ich es kann
Zeraphine - be my rain *W
Phillip Boa and the Voodooclub - this is michael
David Bowie - china girl *W
The Mission - wasteland *W

Lebanon Hanover - gallowdance *W
She Past Away - rituel *W
O. Children - ruins
Ash Code - i can't escape myself (The Sound Cover)
Whispering Sons - time *W
Interpol - slow hands
Editors - all sparks
Klez.e - flammen
The Cure - charlotte sometimes *W
The Smiths - there is a light that never goes out *W
Joy Division - shadow play *W
Diary Of Dreams - giftraum
Goethes Erben - märchenprinzen *W
Deine Lakaien - love me to the end (2nd Mix)
Silke Bischoff - the man on the wooden cross
Lacrimosa - alles lüge *W
Shock Therapy - hate is a 4-letter word *W

Type O Negative - black no. 1 *W
Sisters of Mercy - lucretia, my reflection *W
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - the weeping song
Psyche - goodbye horses *W

Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio - imbecile my idiot lover *W
Erblast - an einem tag

Eternal Afflict - san diego *W
VNV Nation - nova
Wanda - gib mir alles

Abwärts - alkohol *W
Goethes Erben - zinnsoldaten *W
Siouxsie and the Banshees - happy house *W
David Lynch - ghost of love

*W = Wunsch