FIELDS OF SUNSET incl. Kirlian Camera Special
04.05.2013 , B-Plan Chemnitz , Marian & DJ Bastard

IAMX the unified field
Wolfsheim wundervoll
Deine Lakaien overpaid
Ordo Rosario Equilibrio a song of hate and devotion
Peter Murphy the prince and old lady shade
Sisters of Mercy suzanne
Siouxsie and the Banshees hong kong garden
The Cure push
Trisomie21 last song
Kirlian Camera blue room
Kirlian Camera absentee (alamo mix)
Kirlian Camera the path of flowers
Mila Mar maid of orleans
Bel Canto a shoulder to the wheel
Silke Bischoff under your skin
Anne Clark sleeper in Metropolis
Depeche Mode master and servant
Clan of Xymox louise
Blessing in Disguise like porpoises
The Cure burn
Sisters of Mercy nine while nine
Nick Cave deanna
Joy Division atmosphere
Kate Bush running up that hill
Silly bataillon d`amour
Dead can Dance amnesia
Acid Pauli & Johnny Cash i see a darkness
Kirlian Camera edges
Kirlian Camera comfortably numb
Kirlian Camera meine Nächte sind heißer zerschrien
Dernière Volonté ou tu iras
Rome das feuerordal
Death in June rose clouds of holocaust
Sixth Comm a nothing life
Dead can Dance rakim
Ataraxia the nine rituals
Helium Vola selig
Mother Destruction hella roots
New Order doubts even here
Philip Boa fine art in silver
Chameleons in shreds
Dreadful Shadows burning the shrouds
Die Art alles was dein Herz begehrt
Pink turns blue michelle
Cassandra Complex second shot
Bobo In White Wooden Houses hole in heaven
Inchtabokatables you chained me up
Nick Cave weeping song
The Cure a strange day
Sopor Aeternus imhotep
Kirlian Camera in the endless rain (live)
Kirlian Camera k pax
Kirlian Camera ascencion
Siderartica seasons of the world
Zola Jesus night
Fever Ray mercy street
Royksopp ice machine
IAMX spit it out
Calva Y Nada rascheln
Project Pitchfork god wrote
Skinny Puppy worlock
NIN closer
Depeche Mode stripped
Spectra Paris mad world
Placebo twenty years
Gry with FM Einheit princess crocodile
Element of Crime sperr mich ein
Bauhaus bela lugosi`s dead